It Will Take a Village to Preserve Westdale

It Will Take a Village to Preserve Westdale

It Will Take a Village to Preserve WestdaleIt Will Take a Village to Preserve WestdaleIt Will Take a Village to Preserve Westdale

Help to ensure that development in Westdale preserves and enhances its unique character and respects our neighbourhood.

About Us


We are a community-based group of dedicated volunteers focused on helping to preserve the character of Westdale Village.  We fully support reasonable development and would like to see building that reflects and enhances the current small town feel of the village.  As one of the first planned urban communities in Canada, Westdale is an area of historical significance.

Our aim is to show city council that we oppose high density residential buildings in our neighbourhood.  Nothing over 3 storeys should be permitted.

We will act with integrity and respect to send our message and have our voices heard.

Development Proposals

804-816 King St W

UrbanSolutions proposal

UrbanSolutions has proposed a 6 storey mixed-use residence to house approximately 120 students  on the site where Odeon CrossFit currently sits.

The variances requested for this project include doubling the allowable building height (from 3 to 6 storeys), housing 6 times the density of people for the size of the lot, and decreasing the required number of parking spots to a mere 13!

If approved, this development will dramatically affect the character of Westdale North.  It will also impact safety, traffic, parking, noise and could set an unwelcome precedent for the entire King Street West corridor.  

Other Developments

Please let us know if there is a proposed development in the Westdale area that you would like included on our website.  Community support is crucial and appreciated.  There is power in numbers - together we can make a difference!


There are many ways you can help!

  • Contact Maureen Wilson, our local councillor
  • Contact Mark Kehler, City of Hamilton Planner
  • Contact the developer, UrbanSolutions
  • Display a lawn sign - please contact us to request one
  • Spread the word
  • Attend meetings relating to the project - especially the city planning meeting, date to be announced
  • Volunteer to help distribute flyers, etc.
  • Donate a small amount of money to Preserve Westdale.  This will help with printing costs, website maintenance, etc.  $5 or $10 goes a long way and is greatly appreciated!


As of July 2019, approximately 1500 Preserve Westdale postcards have been distributed door to door and 80+ lawn signs have been put up around the neighbourhood.  If anyone else is interested, please let us know.  

May 24, 2019 - meeting with our Ward 1 councillor, Maureen Wilson, to discuss the proposed development at 804-816 King Street West.  Please email the city planner for this project, Mark Kehler (, with your concerns ASAP as he will be the one to make recommendations to the developer.

June 2019 - meeting with Mark Kehler (City of Hamilton Planning Department) to discuss neighbourhood concerns related to the King Street West development.  Please see the link posted to our meeting presentation, if you are interested.

January 2020 - It has come to our attention that the developer has resubmitted their application to the City (on December 20, 2019) and comments by the City are due on January 23rd.  The details of the reapplication are available at It does appear some amendments have been made to the proposal but nothing that addressed the core concerns of the neighbourhood.

Upcoming Events

To be announced

To be announced

Contact Us

Please contact us to show your support and to receive important information. We would also love to hear your thoughts and ideas!